Interview with Ajinkya Firodia

Managing Director of MV Agusta India Pvt. Ltd

Date: 07 Sep 2016 | Author: P.Tharyan

MV Agusta has come into India at a time when there are so many players already existing. Do you think your company will be offering something different and refreshing and that there is a demand still in the market for premium bikes like the ones you make?

The Indian superbikes market has been growing very aggressively.  Various brands have established themselves in the past 6-7 years.  While not all of them have published figures, the superbikes market is about 12,000 vehicles annually, making India one of the most potential markets for superbikes. With a growing rate of 15 – 20%, it is estimated that the market will touch 20,000 – 25,000 vehicles annually by 2020 which makes me positive that Motoroyale has launched MV Agusta in India at the perfect time. The launch of  MV Agusta in India has been a dream comes true for all the bike enthusiasts as it is known to manufacture high end extra premium superbikes keeping in mind invincible design and performance. Since MV is about the history, legacy and passion; it’s about motorcycle Art, it has always secured a special place in the hearts of riders.

What is your road map for setting up dealerships in the country?

Motoroyale has successfully started its first two world class showrooms in India one being our homeland, Pune and the other in Ahmedabad Gujarat which has always supported all new product innovation. Motoroyale dealership will soon be inaugurated in Bangalore which boasts of a large market for superbikes followed by major cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi

Three premium bikes F4, F3 and Brutale 1090 are the ones for India now. Are there more to come? What's been the initial response for these bikes?

After market research on superbikes in India, we have currently introduced three models that are F3 800, Brutale 1090 and our flagship model; F4 designed by the legend Massimo Tamburini. I believe these are the top selling models of the brand and are highly appreciated in the Indian Market.

These are amongst the range of most premium motorcycle in the world, and boast of in-line 4 cylinders and in line 3 cylinders engine delivering up to 200 BHP of power.  We have received a very positive response – even more than we expected.  MV is a poster brand for superbikers, and owning a MV is the ultimate in superbiking segment.  Not only A + cities like Pune, Mumbai and Ahmedabad but we have had customers coming in from much smaller towns to own a MV, which has been their dream.  As we put more and more products on the road, I am sure this will continue.

 We also look forward to introduce 2 new models by 2017 including the new Brutale 800; which would be our first launch next year

These bikes are coming in CBU form. Would you consider an assembly route at a later stage?

We have received a tremendous initial response.  Our manufacturing strategy will evolve in a step by step manner, to suit the demand of the market.

What about accessories business that includes all kinds of merchandise with the Agusta think that makes good business sense in the country?

As mentioned earlier, MV Agusta targets the niche market where its customers would not appreciate riding the bikes with different label merchandise. MV Agusta merchandise has a charm of its own that maintains top quality and design keeping in mind safety of the rider. Hence we made it a point to keep available all MV Agusta merchandise in our exclusive dealerships.

Like many of your competitors do you think you too will promote an owners’ club in India?

MV Agusta India shall certainly start a club/group shortly, which will not just be restricted to an owners club. We believe in developing the superbike culture that included organizing rides, training and sessions on riding a superbike with learning imparted on utmost care and safety. Training, safety and riding awareness and lessons are important to gain customer’s confidence.  We plan to undertake such projects in order to support and boost the culture.



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Ajinkya Firodia
Date - 07 Sep 2016

Managing Director of MV Agusta India Pvt. Ltd

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